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Séamus Bellamy is a travel and technology writer with bylines at Boing Boing, AFAR Magazine, BBC Worldwide and USA Today. A full-time digital nomad, Séamus calls Canada home--but he doesn't see it all that often.

Samsung BabyView monitor

Samsung unveils its Wisenet-SmartCam and BabyView home security cameras

These new kits go beyond video security.

kindle 2016 primary

Amazon Kindle (2016) review: Very inexpensive, but just a little too basic

You’ll understand its low price tag the moment you sit down to read.

kobo aura edition 2 primary

Kobo Aura Edition 2 review: It’s better than Amazon’s baseline Kindle, but it’s a lot more expensive

This e-reader just doesn’t deliver enough bang for the buck.

Kindle Paperwhite hero

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (3rd generation) review: The best e-reader for the buck

Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite delivers the best value of any e-reader, offering desirable features, a pocketable size, and an easy price tag.

kobo aura one primary

Kobo Aura One Review: A big e-reader full of big ideas

The latest Kobo is a waterproof, feature-packed monster.

kobo glo primary

Kobo Glo HD review: This is a great e-reader for the money

If you’re not an Amazon fan, the Kobo Glo HD could be the e-reader you’ve been searching for.

kobo aura h2o primary

Kobo Aura H2O review: This e-reader is pool and bathtub-ready

This water-resistant e-reader can survive being submerged in water.


Kindle Oasis review: The best e-reader by far (it's also the most expensive)

Amazon packed every bell and whistle imaginable in this grayscale tablet, and the price tag reflects those choices.

Amazon Tap

Amazon Tap review: A disappointing follow-up to a great smart-home device

The need to get up and tap the Tap to get Alexa's attention defeats the purpose.

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Folding Keyboards Stacked On One Another

The best folding Bluetooth keyboards make your tablet or smartphone more productive

Virtual keyboards aren't the greatest, but neither are pricey keyboard covers and cases. That's when an ultra-portable bluetooth keyboard can make sense.

EC Tech Keyboard - Various Views

EC Technology Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard review: This Jorno clone can save you a few bucks

If you have your heart set on the Jorno folding keyboard, but don't need its included case, EC Technology's virtual clone can save you a few dollars.

ZAGG keyboard unfolded view

ZAGG Pocket Keyboard review: Little annoyances keep it out of contention

The Zagg Pocket Keyboard has its good points, but not enough of them to overcome its annoyances.

Jorno keyboard unfolded view

Jorno Folding Bluetooth Keyboard review: A Kickstarter vision loses sight of the basics

The Jorno is compact and is easy to carry around, but its layout and the size of its keys prevent it from being a winner.

iWerkz Keyboard unfolded with stand

iWerkz Universal Folding Keyboard review: Beware this non-standard layout

Even a couple of redeeming features can't make iWerkz's keyboard an enjoyable typing experience.