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Today's 11 TaxSlayer coupons | Free tax filing

Look no further than your laptop or mobile device to file your tax returns confidently and on time with TaxSlayer. With the right amount of preparation, experience easy and pain... [More details]

  • TaxSlayer promotion: Free filing for federal and state tax returns

    Choose TaxSlayer Simply Free and you'll be able to file federal and state taxes for absolutely free. This option suits those who have a simple tax situation, and one free state return will also be included. Enjoy 100% accuracy for your taxes, and get the necessary support via phone and email.
    DiscountFree tax filing
    ConditionsApplies to select tax situations only.
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  • File your taxes for $17 & up at

    Find everything you need for tax filing all in one place at Enjoy stress-free and worry-free filing for as low as $17. Sign up today and pick the best plan that suits your tax situation.
    Discount$17 & up
    ConditionsPrice may depend on the chosen plan.
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  • TaxSlayer promotion: All tax situations for just $17 with Classic

    Whatever tax situation you may have, you can choose the Classic software and pay only $17. It already includes all forms and maximum refund can be claimed with 100% accuracy guaranteed on all computations.
    DiscountOnly $17
    ConditionsVisit website for more information.
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  • TaxSlayer offer: Access free tax tools

    Feeling lost on how to submit your taxes? You can find the help that you need by visiting You can get access to free tax tools. Available resources include a tax refund calculator, supported forms, information on tax law changes, and even access to a Tax Pro.
    DiscountFree tax tools
    ConditionsVisit website for more information.
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  • Get the maximum refund from $17 at

    Make tax filing easier and go ahead and sign up at Find the right subscription that fits your situation and work on filing your taxes starting at $17. Receive the maximum refund when you pick the Classic, Premium or Self-Employed subscriptions. No coupon code will be required.
    Discount$17 & up
    ConditionsVisit website for more information.
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  • TaxSlayer promo: Free tax filing with Simple Free

    Use Simply Free to file your taxes and pay $0. Those who have a simple tax situation can use this special offer, which also includes one free state return. No TaxSlayer promo code needed.
    DiscountFree tax filing
    ConditionsVisit website for more information.
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  • File taxes faster with TaxSlayer Premium

    Be able to file and submit your taxes faster with the Premium. For just $37, it includes all forms plus extra priority support from a tax expert so you can breeze through the tax filing process.
    DiscountFor $37
    ConditionsVisit website for more information.
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  • TaxSlayer promotion for students: File for free

    Free tax filing is available for students at Sign up and join the Simply Free account and maximize savings. Using Simply Free is applicable for those with simple tax situations and includes one free state return.
    DiscountFree tax filing
    Members infoStudents
    ConditionsVisit website for more information.
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  • Free tax refund calculation available at

    Compute your estimate tax refund for free at Provide your basic information and the estimated computation will be provided, free of charge. All calculations are based on the latest tax laws.
    DiscountFree calculation
    ConditionsFigures are for estimation purposes only.
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  • Self-Employed for $47 with TaxSlayer promotions

    You don't have to struggle with filing your taxes even if you're self-employed. Find the right resource for your situation and choose Self-Employed for just $47, with forms included. A tax professional will be there to answer all your questions, and you'll even receive payment reminders to ensure that you don't miss out on important dates.
    DiscountFor $47
    Members infoSelf-employed
    ConditionsVisit website for more information.
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  • TaxSlayer military discount: Free tax filing

    All active duty military personnel can file their taxes for free with TaxSlayer. Simply select the Military option and pay absolutely $0 and even get all the forms necessary.
    Members infoMilitary
    ConditionsVisit website for more information.
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TaxSlayer coupon codes for November 27, 2020

TaxSlayer vouchers, coupons, & sales Code Expires
TaxSlayer promotion: Free filing for federal and state tax returns ***** Dec 31
File your taxes for $17 & up at ***** Dec 31
TaxSlayer promotion: All tax situations for just $17 with Classic ***** Dec 31
TaxSlayer offer: Access free tax tools ***** Dec 31
Get the maximum refund from $17 at ***** Dec 31
TaxSlayer promo: Free tax filing with Simple Free ***** Dec 31
File taxes faster with TaxSlayer Premium ***** Dec 31
Verified coupons - last updated:   November 27, 2020

Conquer your Tax filing jitters with TaxSlayer

If you need to do more, you can purchase the TaxSlayer Classic package to itemize the tax breaks relevant to you, plus you get access to all the forms for any tax situations necessary. Get the Classic package for less when you click through with this TaxSlayer discount code and start your stress-free filings. If you are looking for Prime tax services at a great price, check out TaxSlayer Premium, TaxSlayer Self-Employed, and TaxSlayer Ultimate. You get IRS Audit assistance for 3 full years, access to a real tax pro to answer any tax-related questions, priority support via phone and email, etc. More advantages are available to you the higher the price point goes but you can save money when you take advantage of a TaxSlayer coupon code. Check back regularly for more exciting TaxSlayer promotion and offers, so you're always on top of things.

Great prices get even better when you use a TaxSlayer promo code

Ever changing reforms and amendments to tax laws might have you confused. At TaxSlayer, tax law changes are acted on quickly so you can use the online program with your chosen TaxSlayer package accurately, and without a hitch, at an affordable price when you plug in a Taxslayer coupon upon purchase. See which Tax rates and brackets you belong to, what it means for families with children under the age of 17, how it will affect healthcare or changes on your home mortgage, etc. To know how the new tax reforms affect you, you can use TaxSlayer's refund calculator on their website and get an estimate for free. When it comes to the time of filing, use this TaxSlayer discount coupon for money-saving discounts on TaxSlayer packages.

Be 100% assured of your online personal data security with TaxSlayer's multi-layer authentication safeguards when you create an account with TaxSlayer. TaxSlayer employs the use of cybersecurity-related technologies and a dedicated online security team to keep the systems up to standards. Click through TaxSlayer promotional code to get great offers on sales events and TaxSlayer deals on TaxSlayer products and services. Enjoy savings come tax filing season with a TaxSlayer coupon code.

Support you can rely on, from $0 to Peace of Mind

Whether you choose TaxSlayer Simply Free online program or TaxSlayer Ultimate, both packages still get a phone and email support for all tax-related or tech support questions. Go to the Support Center to type up your email and TaxSlayer associates will reply within 24 to 48 hours. Or, talk to a customer service representative at (706) 922-6741 during call hours for your questions. All are also welcome to access TaxSlayer's Knowledgebase for faster answers to common questions. Enjoy more perks when you join TaxSlayer Premium, Self-Employed, and Ultimate packages. Get advice and guidance from a real tax professional and priority customer support on the phone, email, and live chat to get the helping hand you need conveniently. Save more when you choose these premium packages when you purchase with a TaxSlayer coupon or a TaxSlayer discount code. Stay in the know with future TaxSlayer deals and TaxSlayer promo code right in the comfort of your inbox when you subscribe your email to TaxSlayer's newsletter. Get the latest tax news and advice, and be the first to take advantage of a TaxSlayer discount before tax filing season comes rolling in.

Easy access to filing your taxes with a TaxSlayer mobile app

This is the mobile age; where everyone and everything is in a go, go, go attitude. Busy lifestyles call for technology that can keep up, and can efficiently achieve requirements even if you're on to go. With TaxSlayer's mobile app, you can prepare for tax season early by already calculating your tax refund. Simply use your paycheck or your W-2 form for the estimates, and when it's time, electronically file your tax return and get updates and notifications on its status. Choose from the many product offerings from TaxSlayer that you can access through your phone or online. Save on your purchases when you apply a TaxSlayer discount coupon or a TaxSlayer promo code upon checkout. The app, like the online version, is easy to use, with a Q&A style of getting your information in plain, simple language. Download the app on the App Store for iOS users, and Google Play for Android and get your maximum refund with the TaxSlayer App. Looking for TaxSlayer deals? Don't miss out and visit the site regularly for a TaxSlayer promotion on product discounts and a TaxSlayer coupon code so you can save on your purchases.

TaxSlayer thanks you for your service with TaxSlayer Military promos

Enjoy FREE federal return filing under TaxSlayer Classic (valued at $24) if you are an active duty military personnel, only with this special TaxSlayer promotion. Access all forms in all tax situations, apply for all deductions and credits applicable and file confidently with TaxSlayer's easy-to-use interface and 100% accuracy guarantee. Download the mobile app or access your TaxSlayer account online. If you are switching from another tax preparation provider, you can upload your previous return for free. Upload your W-2 form and TaxSlayer can autofill those details for you. If you need to ask tax professionals, you can upgrade from Classic to Premium for an amount and save more when you use a TaxSlayer promotional code when you do. There are more advantages and priority support when you upgrade to an Ultimate package such as Identity Theft Protection and Tax Audit Defense. Enjoy TaxSlayer discount on these perks when you click through a TaxSlayer coupon code and access great TaxSlayer deals for the tax season.

Useful tools to make your tax filing fast, easy and accurate, get started with TaxSlayer

Tax Filing can be a daunting task so you will need all the help you can get. Visit and browse through the many tax tools and services available to you. If you need to calculate your federal tax refund, you can use TaxSlayer's Tax Refund Calculator at no cost to you. Just answer some basic questions about family, income, deductions, etc., and the program will do the rest. Check the results and choose to have the estimate emailed to you. Get started with your tax filing and aim to get a maximum refund. You can start for free with TaxSlayer Simply Free or pay a small price for more benefits for your filing. Save on published prices with a TaxSlayer promo code or regular TaxSlayer promotion sales when you decide which TaxSlayer package applies to you.

Other tools you can take advantage of TaxSlayer's up-to-date news on recent tax law changes, viewing and searching for IRS publications and notices, viewing of all supported forms for tax filing. Best of all, get access to a real tax professional when you feel like you can barely keep your head above water. These highly qualified IRS-Enrolled agents and tax preparers are equipped with the know-how and experience in tax law and return preparation. For TaxSlayer Premium, Self-Employed and Ultimate packages, you can use this service for free. Enjoy discounts when you use a TaxSlayer coupon code for these services on checkout. So grab this chance to have professional help when you're feeling overwhelmed. Look for a TaxSlayer discount code on this site and click through to get great bargains on TaxSlayer deals.