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microsoft bing primary

Microsoft Bing Rebates is pushing annoying pop-up ads, and ad blockers don't help

Microsoft and Bing are returning to the bad old days of aggressive advertising. Now it's massive popup ads promoting Bing Rebates.

Use Turbo Starbuck

How to make your laptop go faster for free

If your old laptop seems slow, check the onboard utilities for the performance settings. You could unlock a free speed boost with a simple mouse click or button-push.

microsoft mesh alex kipman fishtank

Microsoft Mesh: Why you should be skeptical about this new VR platform

Microsoft announced Microsoft Mesh on Tuesday, a VR platform that the company hopes will eventually be used for holographic meetings and other uses.

framework laptop

How Framework plans to break the curse of upgradeable laptops

Our Q&A with Framework's CEO might convince you that an upgradeable laptop might finally happen.

asus laptop

Should you buy a gaming laptop or a gaming desktop?

Considering a GeForce 30-series Laptop or desktop? Here's what you need to think about first.

iphone 12 full front

This Android 12 leak looks an awful lot like iOS 14

The first leak of Android 12 is here and, well, it should look very familiar to iPhone users.

windows on m1 e

Intel benchmarks say Apple's M1 isn't faster. Let's reality-check the claims

Intel just clapped back with a carefully crafted takedown of Apple's Arm-based M1 chip. Let's review the claims, one by one.

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Be careful: Shopping for gaming laptops just got a lot harder

Nvidia's GeForce RTX 30-series laptop GPUs deliver unprecedented mobile performance, but fundamental changes to the lineup mean you'll need to be much more cautious when shopping than before.

ryzen 5000 mobile

Ryzen 5000 doubles AMD's gaming laptop share, but Nvidia still rules

AMD is gaining share in gaming laptops, but Intel continues to dominate, while Nvidia rules them all.

galaxy s21 pink

With the Galaxy S21, Samsung has finally figured out the iPhone's secret: Value

With the Galaxy S21, Samsung is delivering premium performance and design at a much cheaper price.


asus laptop

5 innovations that pushed laptops forward at CES 2021

CES 2021 may be virtual, but the drumbeat of innovation continued with these 5 laptop trends revealed at the show.

galaxy s21 camera

8 quirks to know about the Samsung Galaxy S21 before you preorder

The Galaxy S21 is a great value at $800 but there are a few things you should know before preordering.

radeon rdna 2 su

New Radeon GPUs were barely seen at CES, but they cast a long shadow

AMD only briefly teased new Radeon RX 6000-series laptop and desktop graphics chips at CES 2021, but its design decisions influenced Nvidia's hardware as well.

intel v amd primary

Core i7 vs. Ryzen 4000: Which mobile CPU is fastest in Photoshop, Premiere and Lightroom

In this round of the Intel vs. AMD battle, we test Intel's Tiger Lake Core i7 and AMD's Ryzen 4000 mobile CPUs in Adobe's Creative Cloud suite, using the Procyon and Pugetbench benchmarks.

qualcomm snapdragon 888 mockup

Why the premium Snapdragon 888 could be the end of Qualcomm’s U.S. dominance

Qualcomm has announced its latest flagship processor, the 888, but it might not be so easy to find in the U.S.